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Anna's Song: Chapter 5

Next chapter up. Sorry this one is a bit short, but yeah the next one will be longer and more dramatic. hope you all enjoy! and constructive criticism is very welcome.


“Okay, check the gate!”

“Its good!”

“Well done guys”, Andrew said to Skandar, Georgie, Will and Anna. They’d just completed the scene of their first night in Narnia, when Lucy meets Aslan again, then comes back to tell the rest of the Pevensies. “You can take half an hour for lunch now.”

“Wow Anna, you were great in that scene!” Skandar told her in awe.

“Really? Thanks. I guess its because in the scene Susan’s a bit cranky”, she joked.

“Are you okay?” Skandar asked with concern as they walked towards the refreshment table.

Anna glanced at Will quickly. He didn’t seem to notice her. “Yeah, I guess”.

“What is it? Did your date with Alex not go too well?”

“No it’s not that. Well actually, it kind of is…” she mumbled.

“Come on, you can tell me anything”, he told her kindly. “Lets go to my trailer, there’s more privacy.

“Oh Skandar you dog you. I bet you say that to all the girls”, Anna joked weakly.

“Seriously Anna, I’m starting to get worried.”

She sighed. “Its nothing. Its just…” she paused. ”It’s Will again. Last night after me and Alex went out and when I came back to my hotel room, Will was waiting for me. “ She told Skandar everything. About Will’s conversation with her this morning, the misunderstanding, everything. Even her doubts about her and Alex. He paused thoughtfully when she finished.

“Sounds complicated.”

“It is”, she said sadly. “And if I just hadn’t run into Alex this morning, things would be great with Will. Its like, that’s all I’ve been wanting for months, years now. I don’t know what to do.”

“Well, I’ve never been in that kind of situation before”, Skandar told her as they reached his trailer. “But can I ask you something?”


“When you woke up this morning, when you thought Will was still there, were you happier than just after you kissed Alex?” he asked her slowly.


“Then I think you have your answer”, he said. “It sounds like your feelings for Will are stronger than your feelings for Alex.”

“Yeah”, she paused uncertainly. “Its just that Alex is so mature, and understanding and sweet. And with Will, well I mean he cheated on his last girlfriend, he didn’t bother asking me out or anything he just got all territorial and stroppy. I don’t know. It just seems like Will and I aren’t going to work well together. And dating Alex seems like the smart, healthy thing to do.”

“That’s true”, Skandar agreed. “But would you really be happy with Alex? Long term I mean? Or would you be thinking about Will?”

Anna sighed. “I’d be thinking about Will.”

“Would it be fair to Alex then to date him when you weren’t completely committed?”

“No”, she said despondently.

They sat in silence for several minutes.

“What are you going to do?” Skandar asked.

“Talk to Alex. Tell him how I feel about Will”, she replied.

Skandar touched Anna’s arm gently. “You’ll be fine. Alex seems really understanding.”

“Yeah he is. I just don’t want to hurt him.”

“You’d be hurting him more if you led him on”, Skandar said.

“I know”, Anna groaned. “I’ll have to tell him tonight. Get it over and done with.”

“You’re doing the right thing”, Skandar said encouragingly.

Anna smiled. “Seriously Skandar, what happened in the last couple of months? You’ve changed so much.”

“Really?”, he laughed wryly. “For the better I hope.”

“Come on, you cannot improve on perfection”, she joked.

Skandar sighed. “Believe it or not, it was a girl.”

“A girl?” Anna asked, surprised.

“Yeah”, he said sadly. “We were dating for a couple of months. And things were starting to get really serious. But…” Skandar paused, his voice beginning to shake. “ But she died.”

“What?” Anna asked, shocked. “How?”

“It was a car accident. She was actually on her way to meet me for a date, and there was a drunk driver…” he paused again, tears starting well up in his eyes.

“Oh Skandar I’m so sorry! Why didn’t you tell us?” Anna asked, her hand on his arm comfortingly.

“I guess the more people who knew about it, the more real it would feel. I just didn’t want people tiptoeing around me. I just wanted things to be normal so I could forget the pain.”

“I’m so sorry”, Anna said quietly.

“I think I was falling in love with her. She was… amazing. Beautiful, smart, so sweet”, he said sadly.

Anna moved to sit next to him and put her arm around his shoulders.

Skandar sat upright suddenly. “I’m okay”, he told Anna. “I just needed to get it out.”

“I know”, she said. “If you ever want to talk again, I’m here.”

Skandar smiled at her. “Thanks, I really appreciate that. Hey let me know how things turn out with Alex.”

“Yeah I will. Are you gonna be okay?” Anna asked as she got up.

“I’ll be fine. I might just stay in here for a few more minutes. Pull myself together and whatnot.”

Anna rubbed his shoulder kindly. “I’ll see you in a bit then.”

She walked out towards the refreshment table, trying to make eye contact with Will, but he just looked away.
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