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What happens after Prince Caspian...(1/?)

Title: What happens after Prince Caspian..... (1/?)
Pairing:William Moseley / Anna Popplewell
Disclaimer: I do not own anybody in this story;  excluding Samson he is mine... =)
Author's Note: English is not my native language... I am sorry for any mistakes ;) Hope you like it....=)



 "What is?" Does someone ask under the blanket.

"Breakfest is ready"


"C'mon or otherwise I allow Samson to jump onto your bed."

A smile appears on Anna's face which is still hidden under the blanket.

"Morning Liam."

"One, two…" Anna knows exactly that he stands laughing in her bedroom door.
"But he would not let Samson in, would he?

"Can you offer coffee?" Slowly she looks over the blanket.

"Well what do you thin about breakfast at bed?" And not a second later after he had said that Anna sits fully awake on her bed and looks at him.

"Good Morning."

"Hey." He sits down next to her and put the tray between them.

"What are you doing here?" She looks at him. "And how did you get in here?"

"We were supposed to meet at 9.30 am but as the lady had not appeared an half hour later and did not answered her cell I called Georgie cause I thought you could be there and forgot about the time. But you have not been there either so I got here." He drinks his tea.

"I'm sorry…But how did you get in here?"

"Georgie told me where you have hidden your second key. Clever place thought." Anna gazes at him with surprise but does not say a thing.

After a long breakfast Anna gets up and changes while William is cleaning the dishes.

Anna looks at herself in the mirror. The red top which she bought while shopping with Georgie some days ago fits perfectly to her black jeans. With a last look she leaves her bathroom and joins William in the kitchen

"Where is Samson?" she asks as she enters.

"You do not have to clean up the dishes." She adds as she sees that he puts back the cups and plates.

"My dog loves your couch." He says smiling and points at the sleeping dog.

"Finished. Do you like to go for a walk with Samson?"

" I would love to. When the gentleman would wait a moment till the lady gets her handbag."

"Sure. Sam!" He calls after his dog which turns his head before laying it back down.

"C'mon buddie." Finally he gets up and follows William towards the front door.

"Okay and off we are." With that Anna closes the door.

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