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A Night To Remember and Forver To Cherish

This is a fan made story. I don`t know the real story. I just used the rumor of them dating and then breaking up over the Prince Caspian kiss. The first paragraph setting is William`s apartment with them kissing and talking and all that stuff. The second setting after that is backstage filming at Prince Caspian.

 "Do you love me?" Anna asked as William let go of his lips from hers. "Absolutely." he replied. "And you promise you`ll never leave me?" she gasped. "I swear." he said. What they didn`t know was that the next day they would breakup. 
 "Why are you being so sensitive Will?" asked Anna. "I`m not being sensitive, I`m being protective!" he replied. "Will the kiss is for a movie! It`s not like I want to, I have to!" "Everyone is being professional about this except you!" she screamed. "Professional dosn`t matter." he replied. "If you can`t be professional about this, then, then I guess I can`t be with you anymore." she said firmly. Will`s heart dropped. "I promised I would never leave you, remember." he replied. "Well I guess you shouldn`t make promises you can`t keep." she said, and walked out. Will stared at her as she walked out. He felt lost and hopeless. He ran his hands threw his hair and let out a deep breath. He didn`t go after her, because after knowing her for 2 years he learned that she dosn`t change her mind. He went back to his hotel that night and thought about it for hours upon hours, but he never did anything. He just sat there and made himself feel worse and worse. They weren`t the same after that. They never spoke again, until one party in New York.
 It was the night of a Narnia celebration party, in New York City. Everyone was there. All the actors and actresses from the movies and all the crew members. Will arrived with his family. He was signing autographs and taking pictures. So far he had not seen Anna, and he didn`t really want to. Everytime he saw her he would beat himself up inside and get depressed. But he still loved her and hadn`t moved on. He didn`t know if Anna still loved him, but after what he saw he knew she couldn`t have.

 Anna had arrived in a long car. She came with her family. And her boyfriend. She got out of the car first then her boyfriend then her family. William glanced over at the door opening and cameras flashing, then he looked away, and did a double take. Will was crushed. Anna`s boyfriend was holding her by the waist and walking with her everywhere. William`s heart dropped like the very day Anna brokeup with him. Then like 1,000 cars coming at him at the same time all kinds of memories hit him. He felt light headed and woosy, with fans screaming his name and camera flashes everywhere. After about a minute it passed, and he was back to signing autographs, but wasn`t over what he had saw. 
 They finally went in and sat down. William sat with his family and Skandar and his family. Anna sat at the other side of the room, with her family and Georgie`s. William played with his fork, depressed. Then Skandar leaned over and asked, "Hey Will, are you ok?". "I`m fine. I`m gonna go to the restroom. Excuse me." He got up and walked out. He came back a couple minutes later and sat down. He did the same thing he did before. He played with his fork, depressed. The night went on and William saw Anna and her boyfriend go dance about 6 times. They leaned on each other and hugged each other and every now and then kissed each other. Everytime William saw them do one of these he got more mad and more depressed. But the one that made William the most mad was when Anna and her boyfriend came up right up beside William`s table and were dancing and then shared a most long kiss right infront of William. William got up suddenly and hit the table so loud that everyone in the room looked at Will. William walked out of the room fast and didn`t look at any of them. Anna felt guilty. She felt that she was wrong for doing that right infront of him. The truth was that that was those were the first times that her and her boyfriend hugged, or kissed, or even touched each other. The truth was they didn`t even get along. They hardly talked, and they hardly even looked at each other. The truth was that Anna just brought him to make Will jealous. The truth was she still loved Will deeply and cared for him.
 William went out on the steps, sat there, put his arms and head on his knees, and just stared at the street.  He shed a couple tears, and replayed what just happened in his head over and over. Then the last person he expected to follow him came out and sat right beside him on the steps. But he didn`t see them until they said "Hi Will.". He looked over and saw Anna sitting beside him smiling and staring at him. Will just got up and walked down the street to his hotel, his hands in his pockets, looking down at his feet, and crying slowly. Anna watched him go down the street until he turned the corner. She knew she hurt him deeply.
 William opened his hotel room door, took his coat off, layed it on the bed, turned on the light, and layed on the bed. He put his head over the edge of the bed and stared at the floor, for hours upon hours. Then at 11 o`clock someone knocked on his door. He got up slowly off the bed and looked threw the peep hole. He was shocked who was standing at the door. It was Anna waiting patiently. Even threw a peep hole she looked beautiful, William thought. But he didn`t know weither to open the door or just ignore it. "Will?" said Anna, waiting outside the door. "Please just open the door." pleaded Anna. William unlached the door but kept the chain on so the door only opened half way. "What." asked Will, as he peaked his head out the door. "Can I come in?" asked Anna. "I suppose." William sighed. He closed the door, then undid the chain, and opened it again. Anna came in and sat on the bed. There was a long pause. "Listen Will. I`m sorry. Sorry for everything I did to hurt you. I don`t know what I was thinking. I was just trying to show myself and you that I didn`t need you. But that didn`t come to show. I just brought him here tonight to make you jealous. The truth is I don`t even love him." Anna stood up and walked toward William. "He`s not a good kisser. He dosen`t treat me right. He dosen`t even talk to me. But everything he dosen`t do you do extremley well. The truth is I, I, love you, William Peter Moseley. There is no one else in the world I would rather be with." she said. Now she was in his face. William closed his eyes, and took in a big breath. Then he opened his eyes, now Anna was against his chest. He held her close and closed his eyes again, and took in the moment. She lifted her head and they kissed amost long kiss. He held her face. She began to cry, as well as he did. Then they just stood there hugging and kissing repeatedly. After a long minute or two of this Anna broke the silence. "I`m so sorry." she whispered. "I`m the one that should be sorry." William said. "I`m the one that started all this.He was staring her straight in the eyes now. "I`m the one that caused myself and you so much pain, and suffering." he said. After that they never fought again, they always loved, and never hated.
The End........
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