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Kiss Me Till the First Morning Light

It was the night of the the Narnia Prince Caspian premiere. William was dressed in his black tuxedo, and Anna was dressed in a red silky dress that went across her shoulder. William and Anna arrived in the same car. William came out first, followed by Anna. William put his arm around Anna`s waist and they went on to sign autographs, take pictures, and talk with fans and other actors and actresses. Then they stepped in the door and were greeted by many people that eventully seperated them from each other.

As the night went on they didn`t see each other. Maybe a glimpse of each other now and then from across the room, but no contact between them. Then when William was sitting at the table he felt a vibrate on the side of his leg. He took his phone out of his pocket and hid it under the table, he opened the text message. The message was from Anna saying she misses him. William replyed and said "We will see each other in the car." and closed the phone. Moments later his phone vibrated again. The reply from Anna said "I guess I can wait till then." "I`ll see you then, bye." William put the phone in his pocket and longed for the night to be over.

It wasn`t till 11 o`clock that William was waiting at the car, and Anna came out walking towards the car and smiled at William. William smiled back and Anna got in the car followed by William. William closed the door behind him. William looked over at Anna who was looking at him. At almost the same time they filled in the space between them. The kiss lasted for 5 seconds followed by smaller kisses. But no matter how small the kisses were they were all passionate yet intimidating, which made them go back for more. All in time they were laying on the car seat. Anna was forced (a gentle force) down on the seat by William. Within seconds after that, Anna felt a tug on her dress, on her shoulder. "Stop". said Anna catching her breath. "Not here, not like this." gasped Anna. "Yes here." moaned William as he kissed Anna again. "Just wait till we get to your apartment." "Please". asked Anna. "Ok." said William.

15 minutes later they were at his apartment building. It was a big white building, in the middle of London, with 10 floors. William lived on the sixth floor, room 83B. They climbed the elevator with much excitement. When they got to his floor, they got off casually and William led the way down the hall. When they got to his room, William took off his coat and put it in his closet. Anna went over into the living room of the apartment and looked out the windows at London at night.

William`s apartment is a medium sized apartment, when you walk in to the right is the closet, and to the left is the kitchen, and the living room is straight ahead. It has standard furniture. A chair in the corner, a couch up against the wall, and a tv on the other wall. Inbetween the living room and the closet there was a hall, which led to the bathroom and William`s room. William`s room was over looking the London streets below, with 2 big windows on each side of the bed. There was a desk in the corner and another closet right beside it. His bed was a king sized bed with wooden posts, and white sheets.

Anna dazzeled at the lights below. William came upbeside her and and kissed her on the neck, until Anna distracted his lips from her neck to her lips. She started to undo his tie, and dropped it on the floor. William carried her to the bedroom, and shut the door behind them. He plopped her on the bed and took off his white shirt, and dropped it on the floor. He crawled on the bed on top of her and started kissing her like mad. She grabbed his hair and ran her fingers threw it. "I love you." whispered William. "If you love me, then kiss me till the first morning light and don`t let go." whispered Anna back, as William kissed her again. "I promise." William said. Then kissed her again.

The hours passed, which felt like seconds to them, as each piece of their clothing came off one by one. They never fell asleep, and William kept his promise to kiss her until the first morning light. But they didn`t stop till hours later, when they were interupted by the phone ringing. William got off the bed slowly, and put on his robe. He walked into the living room and answered the phone. "Hello." he said to the person on the other line. "William?" said the worried voice. "Who is this?" asked William. "This is Anna`s dad." "Do you know where Anna is?" he asked. "We can`t get ahold of her." " She hasn`t answered her apartment phone or her cellphone, we thought maybe she was with you or you saw her." he said. "Ummm." "I uh haven`t seen her since last night." said William nervously. "Ok, if you see here or talk to her tell her I was wondering where she was." he said, as he hung up. Anna came out in a sheet from William`s bed. "Who was that?" asked Anna. "That was your dad." "He is wondering where you are."said William. "I`ll call him on my cellphone." said Anna in a rush. She went to the closet door where her purse was, grabbed her cellphone and called her dad. It rang only once before her dad answered. "Hello." said her dad in a worried yet relieved tone. "Hi dad." she said. "Anna where are you?" asked her dad. "I`m at a friends house." she said. "Well why didn`t you answer your phone?" he asked. "My phone was dead and when it charged William was the first one to call me and he told me you called him." Anna said. "Oh ok." "Just so i know your ok." he said. "Ok well I`ll see you later, bye." said Anna. She closed the phone and put it in her purse.

William had gone back to lay on the bed. Anna came in and layed beside him. She put her arm over his chest and kissed him on the cheek. William looked at her, gave a unsure smile and said "I`m tired of living a lie." "What do you mean?" Anna asked. "I`m tired of our relatonship being a secret." "I mean, we had to lie to your dad about where you were." he said. "And the public." "I don`t care if the public knows or what they think." he said. "Your right, we shouldn`t live like this anymore." "All that matters is that we love each other." she said." "Well we can start by telling your parents." William said. "Are you sure?" asked Anna. "Yes." "Even if they don`t like me we can still date." "I don`t care, as long as were together." he said as he held her closer. She kissed him and then they both went to sleep, side by side, in each others arms.

One day later Anna brought William to her parents house to meet her parents. They had dinner, and talked and it seemed that her parents liked William. Then Anna`s dad asked if he could speak to William alone. For he was concerened for his daughter. They went into the living room. "William." "Do you love my daughter?" he asked. "Without a doubt." William said confidentially. "Would you do anything for her at any moment of anytime?" he asked. "If it was 1 o`clock in the morning, and she wanted something 2,000 miles away, I would get it." he said. "And you wouldn`t mind spending everyday of every year, for the rest of your life with her?" he asked. "No, not at all." he said. "Well William, I guess you pass." he said. "Thank you, thank you sir." William said releved and shook his hand. He walked out of the room and went to sit next to Anna. Under the table he was holding her hand. They stayed for a bit longer then left. William drove Anna to her apartment, and dropped her off. He gave her a hug and kiss before she left.

They saw each other everynight and talked all the time. They were inseprable. It was on the news and on the internet and everywhere. But they didn`t care. They were glad they could be themselves instead of pretending. Any movie they were in they were always in it together, they loved each other and kissed each other till the first morning light.
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