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Anna's Song: Chapter 4

Title: Anna's Song
Rating: PG (for the future anyway)
Pairing: William/Anna
Disclaimer: I don't own any of these characters
Summary: Filming has started on the second enstallment of the Narnia movies, but its different this time...


Anna slowly opened her eyes, squinting at the light streaming through her curtains. She couldn’t remember why she felt so unbelievably happy. Then it all came flooding back to her. The night before, after her date with Alex. She stretched and rolled over, reaching out to touch Will’s shoulder. Except he wasn’t there. Anna sat up, staring at the space on her bed where Will should have been. She frowned, got up, and walked out into the main part of her hotel room to see if he was still there. The apartment was empty.

“I can’t believe this!”, Anna said to herself. She felt tears pricking at her eyes. “What a tool!” Excuses ran through her mind. Maybe he’s gone out to get breakfast, she told herself. Maybe he left a note somewhere. But she couldn’t see one. Then her thoughts went to Katie, Will’s girlfriend. How hurt she would be when she finds out what they did. Anna started to wonder if they’d break up over it, then shook her head. She felt terrible. She’d slept with another girl’s boyfriend. She couldn’t even imagine how painful that would feel. Then she thought of Alex. Their date went so well last night. She’d had so much fun, and that kiss at the end…

Anna groaned. It was all such a mess. And she didn’t even have her best friend here to help her know what to do. She picked up her phone to call Will, and noticed there was a missed call from him. Just then her phone started vibrating. It was Will again.

“Hey”, Anna said shakily as she answered the call.

“Hi. How are you?”

“How are you?? That’s all you’ve got to say??” Anna yelled.

“Ugh, I’m so sorry. It’s just…” Will paused. “I don’t know how to handle this. I called to apologise. For last night. For leaving this morning. Anna I’m so sorry.”

“What are we going to do?” she said quietly.

“About what?”

“About what??” she repeated. “About last night. What we did. What are you going to tell Katie?”

“I’m not telling Katie anything”, he said. “She doesn’t need to know. Look Anna, that’s what I wanted to talk to you about."

“What are you talking about? You told me last night that you needed me. You kissed me! I can’t forget what happened!”

“I know!” he said. “God, Anna! I don’t know what to do! This is all so complicated.”

“I don’t know what to do either. Can we meet up and talk about this? What am I gonna tell Alex?”

Will sighed. “Yeah meeting up sounds like a good idea. We don’t need to be at the set until seven. Do you want to meet up at that café on the beach?”

“Yeah okay”, she replied. “In about half an hour?”

“Yep. See you then.”

* * * * *

Anna sat at a table, playing with a sugar packet, waiting for Will. He was late. She looked up, hoping to see him walking towards her, but the café was empty, and so was the beach. Her phone beeped. It was a message from Will.

I’m sorry, I can’t do this.

Anna somehow didn’t feel surprised. He’s going to sort things out with Katie, she thought. Well that’s it. She decided that after this incident, she’d stop thinking about William Moseley as anything more than a friend. He obviously didn’t think much of her, or he wouldn’t have acted like this. What happened last night must have been a fluke. In a way she was grateful she had found out now, before she’d really stuffed things up with Alex. Alex was going to be the one for her now. He was such a gentleman. He cared about her. And if Will wasn’t going to tell Katie about what happened, maybe she wouldn’t have to tell Alex?

She groaned, putting her head in her hands. Everything was such a mess. And in less than an hour she’d have to be on set, acting in a scene with Will, and pretending everything was okay between them. If she didn’t Alex would get suspicious. And Georgie and Skandar would never forgive them for letting this split up their foursome. And Andrew would be mad for messing things up only two weeks into a nine-month-long shoot.

“Hey Anna!”

She looked up and saw Alex running towards her.

“Hey”, she said sadly.

“I thought that was you. You’re up early!” he said cheerfully.

“Yeah, couldn’t sleep…” she said slowly.

“What’s up? Are you okay?” He sat down at her table, and covered her hand with his.

“Not really…”

“What is it?” he said, looking into her eyes.

“Alex, I need to tell you something. Its probably going to hurt, and I understand if you never want to speak to me again. But I need to tell you.” Anna’s guilt was getting to her. Just one look at Alex made her realise that if she was going to really make things work with him she needed to be honest.

“Okay…” Alex said slowly. “What is it?”

“Will and I…” she paused. “Well, I’ve liked him for ages, really liked him, for a few years now… and last night, he came round after our date…”

“Yeah…?” Alex asked, looking nervous.

“He was really jealous that I was going out with you, and… well one thing led to another…”

“Oh, I see.” Alex paused and took his hand off Anna’s.

“I’m so sorry to do this, but I needed to tell you, because if we can’t be honest with each other from the beginning, its never going to work.”

“The beginning?” He began to look hopeful. “Do you mean that, things are definitely over with you and William?”

“Yeah of course. After last night… well he made it pretty clear. And so did I. I don’t want to be with him. I want to be with you. But I understand that you might not want this now, after what happened. So…” she paused. “Don’t feel bad if you wanna end it now.”

“Anna, I don’t want to end this”, he smiled at her. “We never said we’d be exclusive. So I get that you were seeing someone else. I didn’t expect it to be ten minutes after our date finished, but its okay. I really like you. I really want to make things work. And if you want it too, then I don’t see why we can’t.”

Anna looked at him in surprise. She really wasn’t expecting that. But much as she hated to admit it, after last night her feelings for Will had grown more and more. She had being trying to deny it since she had gotten the message from Will, but there was no way she could see him as ‘just a friend’. But was it worth throwing away this chance with Alex for someone who wasn’t even committing to her? Who already had a girlfriend? She figured that making things work with Alex would be the smart, healthy thing to do, to move on with a guy who would appreciate her, and take care of her. Since Will certainly wasn’t going to do anything like that.

“That sounds great”, she smiled at him. “Thanks for being so understanding. I really want to make things work.”

Alex was beaming. Anna felt a stab of guilt, still having feelings for Will, but she really did want to make things work with Alex.

“Can I take you out tomorrow night?” he asked, smiling nervously.

“Sure, that sounds great”, Anna smiled.

* * * * *

Anna reached the set a little after seven. She jumped out of her car, and jogged into wardrobe, apologising profusely to Amy and Andrew for being late.

“That’s okay”, Andrew said. “We shifted around some stuff because of the light so Georgie’s doing Lucy’s scene with Aslan now, you’re scene with William and Skandar is going to be shot afterwards. So you if you could be in makeup in about half an hour? You probably even have time to grab some breakfast if you want.”

“Oh really?” she perked up. “Okay I’ll be back in a minute.”

She walked quickly over to the refreshments, making herself a coffee and grabbing a muffin, before sitting down at one of the benches under the pine trees.

Then he came into her view. Will. He heart skipped a beat. She hated that she was still so attracted to him when she was dating Alex. Will saw her sitting there and waved, smiling wryly. He walked over slowly and sat down next to her.

“Hey”, Anna said quietly.

“I told her”, Will said, looking into her eyes. “She was really upset.”

“Katie?” Anna asked incredulously. “You told her about last night?”

“Yeah. It’s over”, he said. Then he noticed her confused and shocked expression. “I thought that’s what you wanted me to do?”

“It was”, Anna said quietly. “But I thought, when you didn’t show up at the café this morning…”

“Yeah sorry about that. I was umm… in between phone calls with Katie. She kept hanging up on me”, Will said bitterly. “I wanted to get things completely sorted out with her before I saw you again. I’m so sorry about how I acted this morning.”

“That’s okay”, Anna said. She was really confused. And now seriously regretting her conversation with Alex. “Look Will, I thought when you sent that message…” she paused.

“Yeah…?” He asked. Then he realised what she was getting at. “Have you already spoken to Alex?”

Anna sighed. “I thought you were getting back with Katie. I thought this was your way of saying that you didn’t want to be with me.”

“So you’re back with Alex now?” Will asked, looking really upset.

“I’m sorry…” she said. “I didn’t know you were breaking up with Katie.”

“Anna, last night was amazing.”

“Yeah it was”, she said sadly.

Will got up. “I’ve gotta go”, he said suddenly, then handed her a CD. “I got this for you when we first arrived in Sydney. I know it’s spelled differently, but the song reminded me of you.” He began to walk away towards the beach.

Anna shoved the CD in her purse. Her hands were shaking. She hated herself for the way she had handled the situation. She had no idea what to do. All she wanted was to be with Will, but the way things had worked out, it seemed like they just weren’t meant to be together. She’d been pining after him for so long now, it seemed like the healthy thing to do would be to stay with Alex. He was so understanding and sweet. He really liked her, and Anna knew he would take care of her.

She needed someone to talk to. It was the first time since she’d arrived on the set that she wished her parents were here with her this time. But they weren’t. Anna stood up, and went in search for Skandar.
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