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Anna's Song: Chapter 3

Hey, sorry this chapter is a bit short... hope its ok.

Title: Anna's Song
Rating: PG (for the future anyway)
Pairing: William/Anna
Disclaimer: I don't own any of these characters
Summary: Filming has started on the second enstallment of the Narnia movies, but its different this time...


“I don’t know what Georgie’s on about”, said Anna to herself as she stood in front of her mirror, looking at her reflection. She was wearing grey jeans, a silky red top and some red retro shoes she had borrowed from her mother. She had toyed with curling her hair, but in the end decided just to straighten it a little. Alex will be here any minute, she thought. Although she was excited, she couldn’t help feeling annoyed with herself at the way she left things with Will that afternoon.

“What do you mean? Why can’t you come tonight?”

Anna sighed. “Look Will, something came up. I’ve got a date with Alex. And I figured since we were just ‘friends’ you wouldn’t mind that I can’t make it.”

“I wouldn’t mind if you actually had an excuse, not that you just got a better offer”, he retorted angrily.

“Look Will I thought you might be happy for me! I’ve found someone who wants to spend time with me. Who likes me. And I like him. Why can’t you be happy for me?”

“Oh yeah, I’m SO happy you’re ditching me for some random sixteen year old who just happened to think you’d look hot hanging off his arm!” he snapped.

“That was really harsh”, Anna said quietly.

“Whatever. Look, I’ll talk to you later”, he said angrily as he walked back towards the set.

Anna sighed. Alex will be here any minute, she reminded herself. She really wanted to see Will and sort things out. They’d never had a fight before. Not like this anyway. She reached for her mobile phone to call him, then paused.

“He’s not worth it!” she said angrily, throwing her phone on the floor. No, this was it, she thought. He’s missed his chance. She was going on a date with Alex. And she didn’t want to think about Will at all during the next four hours. Suddenly there was a knock at her door.

“Hey Anna, its Alex!”

Anna walked towards her door and opened it to see Alex standing there smiling, holding a big bunch of red roses. “These are for you”, he said grinning.

“Oh my goodness! They’re beautiful! Thank you so much!” she exclaimed. Her thoughts about Will slipped from her mind as she let Alex into her room. “I’ll just put these in some water, then we can go.”

“Anna you look gorgeous”, Alex said looking into her eyes.

She smiled to herself. “Thank you”, she said slowly. “You know, you don’t look to shabby yourself.”

Alex laughed. “Thanks. Shall we go?”

“Sounds good.” Anna felt butterflies in her stomach. She couldn’t stop smiling. Alex is such a gentleman, she thought as she took his arm. Tonight’s gonna be fun.

* * * * *

“What are you talking about? Napoleon Dynamite is NOT a classic! It doesn’t even make sense!” Anna laughed as she played with her sorbet.

“What? As if! Its not just the dialogue, you’ve gotta look past that. Its about the relationships between the characters. And Napoleon’s dancing at the end is pretty funny…” Alex laughed.

“Maybe we’ll just have to agree to disagree”, Anna smiled. “We seem to have the same taste in movies apart from that one.”

“I still think it’s a crime you haven’t watched it all the way through yet. I’ll have to sit you down and MAKE you watch it to the end. Trust me, it’ll be worth it”, Alex smiled at her.

“Sounds like a plan,” Anna smiled back. She sighed happily. “Tonight was really fun.”

“Yeah it was”, he replied.

“I can’t believe its already half past eleven!” Anna exclaimed. “We really lost track of time.”

Alex laughed. “I know! I spose we should be getting back now, you’ve got an early scene tomorrow morning, don’t you? Do you want me to walk to back to your hotel room?”

“Yeah that would be nice, thanks”, Anna smiled.

Alex paid for the meal and they walked outside into the balmy night. Anna glanced nervously at Alex when he reached out to hold her hand. She felt like such a dork for getting excited at the small display of affection. They walked along the quiet streets towards her hotel room.

“This place is beautiful”, Anna said quietly to herself. “Its amazing to be able to hear the ocean from the streets. And the wind in the pine trees sounds so cool.”

“Look at you being all poetic…” Alex teased.

Anna laughed. “Shut up! Its pretty is all.”

“Yeah it is. And you know what else is pretty?” Alex asked as they reached her hotel. He looked into her eyes and leaned forward, gently kissing her lips. Anna moved forward, touching his arms and letting herself sink into his kiss. He pulled back, smiling at her. “I better get going”, he told her, gently touching her cheek.

“Okay”, Anna sighed happily. “I guess I’ll see you in the morning?”

“Definitely”, he said. “I’m looking forward to it. Sleep well!”

Anna stood there for a few minutes, watching him walk towards his car, before she turned to go up to her hotel room. It was only a couple of seconds after she closed her door when she heard a sharp knock. Thinking it was Alex, Anna got up quickly and opened the door with a smile.

It was Will.

“I can’t believe you kissed him like that!” he yelled.

“Will? What the hell are you doing here?”

“What do you think? I can’t believe you actually went out with that creep!”

“What creep? You don’t even know him! And why do you suddenly care who I date?” Anna said angrily. She was furious.

“Why do you think I care Anna? Are you blind or something?”

Will stepped towards her grabbing her waist and pulling her into his passionate kiss. He slammed the door behind him with his foot and moved her against the wall. He pulled back for a second, “Tell me you feel the same way about me”, he pleaded, with a desperate look in his eyes.

Anna breathed in deeply, staring at him. This is what she had been wishing to hear from Will. For so long. All she had wanted was for this to happen. For him to say those words to her. And now he was. She leaned forward and kissed him, passionately, desperately. Taking off his jacket, she pushed Will onto her bed.
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