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Anna's Song: Chapter 2

Title: Anna's Song
Rating: PG (for the future anyway)
Pairing: William/Anna
Disclaimer: I don't own any of these characters
Summary: Filming has started on the second enstallment of the Narnia movies, but its different this time...


Anna stepped out of her black Mini Cooper onto the grassy hills of Byron Bay. She breathed in the salty sea air with a smile. Wow, she thought, you can’t help but feel invigorated with this air and this view. Looking out towards the sea with the pine trees surrounding her and the waves crashing on the cliff she felt free. Free for the first time in months. But as soon as she turned around she saw him. William. Standing there next to his chauffeur. Most of the cast had opted for drivers to and from the set, but Anna wanted the comfort of her own Mini. Will strolled over towards her, smiling, with his hands in his pockets.

“Hey”, he said. “This view’s amazing, isn’t it?”

“I know. I never thought they’d find somewhere more breathtaking than New Zealand, but I guess they did.”

“Don’t you just wanna dive in?” Will said stepping towards the beach.

Anna laughed “Off you go then!”

“I will if you will”, said Will, playfully bumping into her.

Damn it Will, she thought.

“Hey guys”, called Andrew from behind. “I want you to meet someone!”

Will and Anna turned to see him walking towards them with a blonde teenager about Skandar’s age.

“This is Alex Pettyfer, he’ll be playing Caspian.”

Anna quickly glanced at Will. He looked tense. He stepped forward to shake Alex’s hand and welcomed him to the set.

“And this is Anna”, said Andrew.

Anna stepped forward too, shaking Alex’s hand. He looked straight into her eyes, smiling, “Hi Anna, its really nice to meet you.”

Anna smiled “Yeah, you too”.

“Okay, we’re nearly finished setting up so do you guys wanna grab a coffee or something before you go into wardrobe?” said Andrew.

“Yeah, Anna do you want to get a coffee?” Alex said, looking at her and smiling.

“Sure that sounds good”, Anna said, blushing.

Will mumbled something about “… check my phone, expecting a call…” and walked towards his trailer.

“Is he okay?” Alex asked.

“Yeah, he’ll be fine”, said Anna. “He’s probably still jetlagged from the flight.”

Anna and Alex started walking towards the refreshment table, chatting and laughing. They managed to hit it off almost straight away, even though Alex was nearly 2 years younger than Anna. Its amazing, she thought. Alex is younger than Will, and he seems so much more mature. Not that it mattered. There was no way she could get Will out of her mind. But at least Alex was a nice distraction. And hey, if her and Alex spending time together would wake Will up and make him see what he was missing out on, so much the better. Anna shook her head. She had to stop thinking like that. Will had a girlfriend. He was obviously not interested in her in that sort of way.

* * * * *

“So how come you’re in Byron Bay? I thought we weren’t going to start shooting any of your scenes for another week or two”, asked Georgie as the five stars were sitting around Anna’s hotel room eating pizza.

“Yeah me too”, replied Alex. “But Andrew wanted me to get to know the cast and crew. Apparently in the book Caspian feels a bond with the Pevensies almost as soon as he meets them, so I guess Andrew wanted us to get to know each other so it comes across on screen.”

“You’re so lucky!” said Georgie wistfully. “You get to hang around and eat free food and not have to work!”

“Yeah but I love acting so much, its hard to see you guys get done up in hair and make-up and act so well without being able to join in.”

Anna smiled. She was so impressed with Alex’s passion for acting. She had always loved acting so much, but no matter what movie she was in, she found so many people who just considered it as an easy way to money and fame. But Alex was different, especially for a sixteen year old. He loved acting for itself. Even though she’d only known Alex two days, Anna was sure that he would rather be performing in a tiny theatre for minimal pay than to be a sell-out and do cheesy commercials just for the cash. She glanced quickly at Will, only to see him look sulky and annoyed. But she still felt drawn to him. All she wanted to do was slide up next to him and put her arms around him. Dammit, she thought. She was trying so hard to get him out of her head but it just didn’t seem to be working. Her thoughts were interrupted by Will’s phone ringing.

“Hello? Oh hey babe…” Will got up and excused himself.

Anna sighed. Alex shot her a look of concern and she smiled at him. Alex was so nice. Why couldn’t she forget Will and just think about Alex?

“Oh what time is it?” said Georgie suddenly.

“Its about ten-thirty”, Skandar replied.

“Rachel is going to be here any second. I better go downstairs and meet her or she’ll get mad.” Georgie started to get up and grabbed her jacket.

“Actually I better go too, early start and whatnot”, said Skandar as he winked at Anna.

“Good night guys”, said Alex. “See you in the morning, bright and early!”

“Ugh, don’t remind me. I don’t know why we need to get up so early”, Georgie replied as she walked towards the elevator with Skandar. “See you guys later!”

Anna looked at Alex. Suddenly they were alone. Funnily enough she felt nervous. Which didn’t make sense. As far as she was concerned Will was the only one she was interested in at the moment.

“Look Anna, there’s something I want to ask you…” Alex started.

Just at that moment Will walked back in to the room from the balcony. “Have you guys seen the view from out there? Its amazing!”

“Yeah”, said Anna quietly. “Its really pretty.”

“Where’d Georgie and Skandar get to?”

“They left”, Alex said.

“Oh, so its just us three?” asked Will.

“Actually I better get going too”, said Alex as he got up slowly.

“Alex, please stay”, pleaded Anna. “I was just about to show you those pictures from…”

“No, I’ve gotta go.”

“Oh well it was cool hanging out with you”, said Will smugly. “Bye.”

“I’ll talk to you tomorrow, Alex”, said Anna as he left the room.

“Hey”, started Will. “Now we can finally catch up! It seems like ages since we’ve actually hung out, just the two of us, Anna-banana.”

“How many times do I have to tell you NOT to call me that?” said Anna, laughing. “It would be nice to catch up tho. But seriously Will I’m so tired. Maybe we could do it another time.” Anna was practically falling asleep on her feet. She hated it when the fatigue hit her so suddenly. She also hated that her and Will couldn’t catch up right away.

“Yeah sure!” said Will enthusiastically. “Lets do dinner tomorrow night. Just the two of us. I’ve heard about this place in the city. Apparently the chef has won heaps of awards so its gotta be good.”

“That sounds great. Are you sure that’s okay with your girlfriend though?”

“Of course, it’ll be fine, she knows we’re just friends”. Anna felt her heart sink. Of course that’s how he feels. Why did she keep kidding herself?

“Great sounds good, I’ll see you in the morning then”, she said quietly.

Will didn’t notice her change in tone. “Great! Sleep well!”

* * * * *

“Hey Anna!”

Anna turned around from the coffee table to see Alex jogging towards her. He was smiling nervously.

“Wow, you look awake this morning!” she laughed.

“I’ve already had a triple shot of espresso”, Alex replied. “I need my caffeine fix first thing in the morning, otherwise it just doesn’t happen.”

“Me too”, said Anna, holding up her latte`.

“Hey I was wondering something…” he started, looking increasingly more nervous. “Would you…” he paused, looking at her face. “Would you maybe wanna have dinner together sometime?”

Anna smiled. He looked really cute standing there against the scenery of the pine trees and the ocean. She couldn’t help but feel flattered. She’d been thinking all night about Will, and how she needed to move on. Perhaps this was fate giving her a way to do that? And Alex was a really nice guy, smart and cute, almost everything she looked for in a guy.

“I mean, I know there’s an age difference”, he continued. “But…”

“Alex”, Anna interrupted, smiling. “That sounds great, I’d love to.”

“Great!” he said, looking relieved. “How about I pick you up tonight at about eight?”

“Yeah that sounds perfect.” Anna smiled. “Oh wait, tonight?”

“Yeah, if that’s okay. Do you have something else on already?” Alex started looking nervous again.

“No, its nothing. Tonight sounds great.”

“Okay good”, Alex smiled broadly. “I have to go and speak to Andrew about my costume. I’ll talk to you later okay?”

“Yep, sounds good.” Anna’s head was swimming. On one hand she was really starting to like Alex, and going on a date with him would be fun, but she couldn’t bare the thought of cancelling on Will. Not that he’d care, she thought angrily.

“So did he ask you?” Skandar said as he walked over to Anna.

“How did you know?” asked Anna. “You seem to know an awful lot of things going on around here, mister”, she joked.

“Alex was asking me what kind of restaurants I thought you would like. I actually thought he was going to ask you last night, that’s why I left early with Georgie.”

“Oh, I was actually wondering about that”, Anna said smiling. “Since when did you ever care about getting up early?”

“You seem happy”, he said quietly.

“I am”, Anna replied, smiling to herself. “It feels like its been a while but yeah, I guess I am.”

“Must be a certain somebody taking you out tonight”, he winked.

“Must be! Now I just need something to wear…”

“You know Georgie’s offer probably still stands, if you want to borrow her stylist”, Skandar teased. “But seriously, Alex wants to go out with you, he won’t care what you’re wearing.”

“How did you get to be so wise all of a sudden?” Anna asked him as he turned to walk towards his trailer.

“It comes with being taller”, he said laughingly over his shoulder.
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