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Anna's Song: Chapter 1


I've been lurking here for a while too. I love all the fics in this community so i figured while i had some spare time i'd try doing one myself. Its my first fic ever tho so please be nice! but constructive criticism is very welcome!

Title: Anna's Song
Rating: PG (for the future anyway)
Pairing: William/Anna
Disclaimer: I don't own any of these characters
Summary: Filming has started on the second enstallment of the Narnia movies, but its different this time...


Anna sat in front of the mirror, looking thoughtfully at her reflection. She’d changed a lot in the last couple of months. People had been telling her this all morning. It wasn’t surprising. Finishing school and travelling with her parents through Europe had really opened her eyes. Somehow when she was travelling with Andrew and the other cast members of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe, for the premiers and press conferences, it seemed more sheltered. She sat there thinking about things in general for a while when she head people enter the building and a male voice calling from the other side of her dressing room door.

“Anna can I come in?”

Her heart stopped. She recognized that voice at once. She hadn’t seen Will Moseley since the Pirates of the Carribean premier a few months ago. They’d always been inseparable when it came to their work. And now they’d be spending the next nine months together filming Prince Caspian.

“Of course Will, its open”.

He walked in and gave her a huge bear hug.

“Oh my gosh how are you so tan?” he said laughing. “I spose we can’t all afford time off to go traipsing round the French Riviera. How was it?”

“Fantastic! We went to so many galleries and the architecture was amazing!”

“Meet any cute French boys?” said Will, with a cheeky grin.

“Oh, not really…” Anna laughed nervously. She’d been thinking about Will so much while she was in France. Slowly she began to realise that although he was her best friend and had always seemed like a big brother to her, it was becoming clear that she felt more for him. She’d been thinking about this moment for months now, when she would see him again. Thinking about what they would say, if he showed any signs of feelings other than brotherly feelings… But she shook those thoughts away. It wasn’t going to happen. It hadn’t in the past and if it hadn’t happened by now it never would. She should just get over it. They’d have to work together for almost a year so she couldn’t afford to be awkward around him.

“Well its great to see you anyway. Have you seen Skandar yet? He got his braces off! Try to get him to smile because he won’t do it for me!” said Will as he turned to leave the room.

“Haha, yeah I will!”

She sat down with a slump in her chair, waiting for Amy, the new makeup artist to come in and work her magic. This was going to be harder than she thought.

* * * * *

“Okay, its great to see everyone again”, said Andrew Adamson, the director. “Now we’ve got a ton of work to do today, mostly just costume fittings and hair um… adjustments”, he said, winking at Anna. “Tomorrow we start filming the train platform scene with Will, Anna, Skandar and Georgie just before they get sucked into Narnia again. Today will just be reviewing scripts for tomorrow, setting up the scene and just general bits and pieces while we all get our bearings again. The scenes on the platform will take only about a day or maybe two so we’ll be moving location to Byron Bay for the early Narnia scenes with Alex on Thursday.”

Anna perked up her ears. Alex? It must be the actor set to play Prince Caspian, she thought. The identity him had been kept a secret to almost everyone so it didn’t get leaked to the media. She was a bit apprehensive about meeting him. Everyone had gotten so used to it just being the core four ‘Pevensies’ but with Alex coming in and being in a lot of the scenes with them, and being the same age, Anna was a bit unsure about how it would work out. She wanted to spend as much time with Will as she could. They were great friends after all so she couldn’t go wrong with just spending time with him. It was just the awkwardness she wanted to avoid.

“Wow Alex hey? Do you know who he is?” said Will, mysteriously appearing by her side.

“I don’t know! Do you think its Alex Pettyfer?” asked Anna.

Just at that moment Georgie Henley ran up to them both and enveloped Anna in a hug. “Its great to see you!” she exclaimed.

“Yeah you too! Wow I can’t believe how much you’ve grown! You’re almost as tall as I am” giggled Anna. “Shame we can’t borrow each other’s clothes just yet”.

Georgie smirked, “Yeah that is SUCH a shame I mean you wear such trendy clothes”, she teased.

“Oi! What’s wrong with this? Its called ‘classic’!” laughed Anna, not worrying in the least that she didn’t measure up to a thirteen year old’s idea of what’s hot.

“Yeah sure its classic. Seriously if you want to borrow my stylist for a day or two just let me know, you’re more than welcome”

Will began to laugh. “Girls are really weird”, he said.

“Speaking of girls and you”, began Georgie, “I heard a rumour or two about you and a certain producer’s niece…? Over the summer…? Hint hint, nudge nudge?”

Anna felt her heart rise up into her throat. “Really?” she managed to say. Will had a girlfriend? How did she not know about this? Why didn’t he tell her? She tried to hide her shock and embarrassment. Of course he had a girlfriend. Why wouldn’t he? He was gorgeous, sweet, funny and smart, and obviously a movie star. Why was she so surprised? She could have kicked herself for believing he thought of her as more than a friend.

“Yeah didn’t you see the papers? There were photos and everything!” smiled Georgie. “You guys looked so cute together! How’s it going?”

“Oh, you know, long distance and everything. We’ll see how it goes”, said Will slowly, blushing.

“Yeah sure! I know its serious between you two! You always start wearing more hair gel when you’re in LURRRVE”, giggled Georgie, starting to make kissing noises.

Anna had to get away. She was so mad with herself for being so upset over this! But she couldn’t be around Will right now.

“I’m just grabbing something to eat”, said Anna as she walked away.

She turned to see that Will hadn’t even noticed she’d left. He was still deep in conversation with Georgie, smiling and looking really excited.

“I can’t believe this”, Anna thought. She walked quickly to her trailer, avoiding eye contact with everyone so she didn’t have to stop and talk and embarrass herself by crying in front anyone. “I’m so stupid!” She hated herself for getting this upset by something like this. Of course she had to build up in her head this whole theory that Will felt the same about her, and secretly was in love with her. “Like that would ever happen” she thought bitterly.

“Hey Anna!” a voice called from behind. Anna started to turn and was engulfed in yet another bear hug, this time by Skandar. “Its so great to see you!” he said.

“Wow Skandar I can’t believe how tall you are!” exclaimed Anna.

“I know! I’m almost taller than Will now! Its cool, I can start bossing him round soon”, he laughed. Skandar looked at Anna closely. “What’s the matter?”

“Nothing, Skandar, I’m just tired”, Anna said sighing.

“Yeah right! Come on”, he said dragging her to a quiet corner of the studio. “Spill!”

“Its nothing, I swear! Its just…” she paused, not wanting to say it out aloud.

“Hey, come on, you know you can trust me.”

“I know, its just”, she paused again, breathing deeply.

“Is it Will? Is it about him and whats-her-name?” he asked gently.

Anna looked at him quickly. “How did you know?”

“Come on, I was with you guys at almost every scene during the filming last time, and almost every interview. I could see what you guys felt for each other.”

“What I felt for him, you mean. Its really obvious now that he just thought we were friends”, she said miserably.

“I guess I was wrong then. I was so surprised when I saw those articles about him”.

“We were both wrong.”

“Anna I’m so sorry”, said Skandar quietly.

“Its ok, really. Look I need to grab something from my trailer. I’ll be back in a sec!” said Anna as she started towards her trailer.

“Will’s such an idiot”, said Skandar under his breath.
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